How To Reset placeholders with Ezoic plugin WordPress

How To Reset placeholders with Ezoic plugin WordPress

Hi guys. I just wanted to do a quick tutorial on the zoic ads platform. Now I installed the Zoic platform through my plugin, and that way I thought it’d be the fastest way to resolve any issues, and then maybe I can learn later how to maximize my profit, which I am at the moment.
I’ve got a few sites that are running on Ezoic. One is running really well, and that is through the plugin system.
So I thought, why reinvent the wheel? The placeholders are working really well. So on the other site, which I’ve got up now, it’s not working so well.
And I noticed that when Zoic said, increase your revenue, and I clicked it and I just thought to myself, this isn’t working. The revenue is going down. My, my site’s full of spammy ads. There’s just way too many ads. I don’t like this.
And I was profiting more with less traffic before, and my E M P V was a lot better, a lot higher.
So I thought I’ll go into the Zoic plugin and reconfigure things. Now I’m trying to find all over the, the web and the zoic website, how to reset this plugin and the placeholders. Now, if you have made some changes to placeholders, this is the way to do it. So you obviously go into your zoic.
So settings is zoic, that’s where the plug the plugin stands and then click the ad settings here. Now, I was struggling with this for a while and I was trying to change the, the plugin, the, the codes here, trying to see the revenue, all those types of things. Now I noticed that this one before was a lot higher. This was one of my highest performers and a lot changed. So I thought, how am I gonna change this? So this will take you through to the publisher dashboard, but if you click the settings here in this little c**k wheel and scroll down to the bottom, you can see, I’ll just move my head.
You can see reset or clear default configuration. So in my point of view, I believe that changing the reset configuration will be the best thing to do. 2:24 So let’s just do it here. So reset placeholders. Yes. I want to go to go back to the default placeholders that we originally set it up with because my E M P V, my site was making a lot more money.
Just move my head back over. Okay.
Okay. It looks like the placeholders have reset, as you can see here.
Yeah, the percentage has automatically gone up. And that’s based on the prior data, I would assume. Now I always do this just In, in case, and you save those placeholders.
And you probably noticed that a lot of this is your extra work that that you can go through. If you show all yet, you’ll see that it’s started to remove things back to the default.
So disabled, disabled. And then if you wanted to move, put those back on, you can easily just put it in the position that you’d like to and it will enabled. But as it stands, that’s what I wanted to do and I just wanted to show you guys how to do that cuz it was driving me mad.
And let’s hope that that revenue improves because it dropped a few dollars a day. Not much. It’s only a small site, but it definitely adds up. So hopefully this helped you.
Ryan Griffiths
Author: Ryan Griffiths

Ryan is an Australian Digital Marketing Specialist and the director of Geek Media. With a main focus on SEO and Paid Ads such as Google PPC and Facebook/Meta Ads. He has grown multiple e-commerce brands into 6 figure companies.

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