Why its important to have Google Review Stars for your products

Why its important to have Google Review Stars for your products

When you create a product page on your website to promote your company’s products, it is important that google reviews are shown. The more positive feedback there is for people searching online about what they plan to buy or already bought from someone else, the better chance of getting their attention when looking up information like this! This also helps with the SEO search results and campaign as Google is rewarding click through rates on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)



Hey guys, welcome to a tutorial on how to get the review stars on Google search. So the reason why I want to do this video is I know how important it is now for people to get reviews on their products.

The reason being is when you have reviews on your Google search engine, the consumer, or the customer, they want to see and have the confidence to then go in and purchase that product. If there’s no reviews there, you’re just relying on them to like the metadata that you’ve actually put on your description.

So that’s not enough sometimes. And I think the statistics are quite large, uh, as to some comparisons that have done in the past, which is doing, um, one without review stars. So if you’ve got the gold review stars on Google search engine, as opposed to not having the review stars on Google search engine. So what happens most of the time?

And I know I’m one of those people that if I see five star reviews on a certain product and the other one doesn’t have it, whether it’s in front of that on the listing or below that on the listing, I will go with the review stars all day. I still might go back and then actually look at that other product, because I think a lot of us are inquisitive, but you get a lot of people that just want to get the product, have the confidence that five other people have purchased. They’ve got delivery, it was fast.

The product was great. And then they just purchase the product most of the time, especially if it’s not a high ticket item, if it’s something like a backscratcher or something really cheap and say it’s $20. And the volume is really high, people are just going to come through and keep buying that product.

So I’ll show you how to add that on woo commerce, Shopify. I think there’s a different type of way, but to get the review stars on your actual WordPress slash WooCommerce website, this is how you do it. So you’re in the back end here. And what you need to do is you need to come over to, um, WooCommerce here, just Hobart and then hit settings, wait for that to load.

And then when you’ve come through to the settings here, you’ll see that there’s a tab here that says product.

This is the product for the whole site. Now you tap that, wait for it to load. Okay. Now what we need to do is we need to scroll down to the bottom here and we need to have enabled star ratings on reviews. Star ratings should be required, not optional. So I’m not sure if this one, in particular, is on every website, but I definitely enabled both of them. And I’ll show you what it looks like. So I’ve already got installed on this website. We noticed a huge, a huge, uh, change of our conversion rate.

I think it was 60% increase. So that is massive. And also if you get enough reviews and you do Google shopping, they start to generate on Google shopping. Now depends. There’s a lot of criteria behind getting those reviews, stars on Google shopping. And I can create a video on that if you block, but first and foremost, you say the change has already saved them, but let’s just do that for the video’s sake.

Now, the reason you want it is for example, we’ve got a guitar and it’s a Hagstrom Fantomen Guitar, and there are all different types of guitar. So because this one hadn’t had many reviews. This is us here. This is our ad listing. So you’ve got a few here. There’s ours and that’s another one of ours. So we’re dominating this space here for that keyword in particular. So a lot of we’re selling a lot of these at the moment, but imagine we had some star reviews, right?

So you scroll down and this is the product page. Then there’s some blogs and it happens a lot with music. There’s a lot of videos, which is another way to engage with your audience and create a video based on that, scroll down. This is a wholesale supplier, and then you see here, you’ve got the star ratings. Now, if I look at that, I’m going to probably choose the star ratings all day. Now you can have a look at other products.

So for example, there was a product that was working, um, uh, which is called Oxy shred. It’s a huge supplement it’s it’s ballistic. So as you can see here, elite sups is full five stars, 6,000 reviews. What do you think is going to happen? Are you going to choose this one? This one or one of these my guess is you’re going to choose that. That’s why they’re dominating. That’s why they have so many reviews, fit nutrition, 6,000 plus reviews.

So they really, I I’ve never heard of this actual company, but you look at elite sups, they’ve got the reviews. So you scroll down. This is the brand page, but then right here, the first one nutrition warehouse full stars, or it’s 90%, 96%, not bad shows the price.

So they’ve got this schema markup perfect on this site. Hence the reason they’re in position, number one, and then number two is the second biggest one. And I noticed that when I was trying to boost the website for the supplement company I was working for, I won’t mention any names.

t’s one of these that are on the front page and the writings just went through the roof. Um, and then they to get an internal team. So look, that’s, I’m not salty about that. They’re doing well. It’s fantastic. Definitely got them to a level where they could start generating enough money to actually hire people within the company. So that’s really good for them. Now, as you see the top of the syrup, the search engine results page, all stars. This is the company page.

This is the company page stars, stars. And then the next one supplement mark they’re right down the bottom of that page. Look, this keywords extremely difficult. Um, but you get my gist. So hopefully you turn on your reviews, you get some reviews. So definitely share the product or the service, probably not the service. They don’t generally show up in the search results page, but products I think is so important to get reviews and make sure that people are right about them.

And if you have a good product and you know, you’ve got a good product, it’s a no brainer. So I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions, leave a description, leave a, leave a description, leave a message in the, uh, in name box there. And, um, also if you find this helpful subscribe, like do all of that fun stuff and I’ll see you soon.

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