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SEO Audit

Need a website checkup ? Our Website audit service is essentially a health check of your website. We take a look at structure, content, and consistency. Where to now? Links to your socials are key so that your customers can connect to you on other platforms and get more of a feel for your businesses culture.


So things are a little rusty on the back end of your site. We get the tools out and straighten things up and give it a really good once over. Our Geeks make all the right changes so that users have positive, streamlined experiences that align with what they are searching for and what you are offering.

Personalised follow-up

Weather you’re up for a visit to our coastal town of Newcastle or happy to communicate via phone and email we will keep you updated on work being completed, results achieved and strategy for future actions. It’s as simple as scheduling a phone call, a coffee or a beer and we are all ears.


At the end of the contract we take a look back on what has been implemented and what has been achieved. We look for ways to improve and different avenues that we can take next to further assist you in your business. Our Geeks get just as excited as you do about what the future holds.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The presence of your website on the first page of Google is essential : The most beautiful storefront or the best on-line shop is worthless if nobody knows it exists. Having spot on SEO makes your website visible to internet users.

The American giant is inseparable from its search engine competitors: 9 out of 10 Aussies use Google to search on the internet which makes Google the most visited site in Australia. In 2018, 87% of Australian Internet users said they carried out a search on the internet before making a purchase.

A banging SEO strategy is the assurance of relevant traffic for your site website. You hit your target audience directly and thus increase your conversion rate and your turnover.

seo newcastle
seo newcastle

Google Ads

Who is better than a team of Aussies to implement an Australian Google Ads campaign ? The answer if definitely not an off-shore business ! Sponsored links can be your best mates to promote a website and to develop sales.


How? First, Google allow Geek Media to publish targeted Ads. Then Google permit for Ads to be directly positioned on the top of Google’s first page. Google Ads have proven to get 30% of the first page clicks from users. An Adwords campaign is super useful when starting an e-commerce website to increase brand awareness quickly whilst the website begins to gain traction in positions on keywords with SEO.


Linkbuilding is a part of the off-site of a SEO campaign. We use our relationships, agencies networks, websites, bloggers and others media in order to provide you a large number of sources. Website backlinks are various links present on other media and that redirect the users to your website. Plus these backlinks are qualitative and you will have more chances that a lot of internet users will be redirected to your website. Indeed, it’s important to favour quality over quantity. Those links have to be authentic and genuine, not sponsored and not even in an ad location or google will penalise your rank within the search engine. Linkbuilding is very delicate. The methods of linking has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. It is key to get the right mixture from a range of sources.
Video SEO

Video SEO

Video Web Promotion is an often overlooked practice. Agencies only rarely suggest companies use this form of Web Promotion. Yet its visibility potential is outstanding. Google very often brings up videos in its search results. These results contain a thumbnail of the video and thus effectively capture the attention of internet users.

We list your videos mainly on YouTube. Youtube is the Leader in its field and the second largest search engine in the world behind… Google.

Don’t have a video? Geek Media plan, shoot and edit video taking care of creating original video content for your company in a truly unique and customised manner.

Local SEO

Local Web Promotion is the new Eldorado for companies working a catchment area: lawyers, estate agents, restaurants, bars, camp sites, hotels and so on. A company that has an influence at a local, regional or departmental level must now optimise its local web promotion.

20% of all searches on Google are localised searches: either the Internet user is looking for a service in a specific place (e.g.: “Japanese restaurant, Paris”), or they are automatically geolocalised for specific searches (e.g.: “bar”, “service station”, “glazier”).

Local Web Promotion essentially involves creating and managing a Google+ Local page. It provides companies that optimise it with exceptional visibility on the first page of Google and Google Map.

Local SEO
Building a Website

Building a Website

The information era has changed. Today, the world net globalization requites organisations and companies to be visible in internet and specifically on Google. The Websites take precedence over brick market shop. To continue being competitive, your website is a very important lever that you should not disregard to maintain and develop your business. From this moment, every part of your website conception is important from visual to content without forgetting search engine optimisation.

A well-built website concerning the technical and design aspect is unmissable to succeed your communication, your SEO and your marketing efforts. It represents the last contact point which’ll determine if you’ll convert your visitor into a client.

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