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Adwords is your Shortcut to the First Page!

When you advertise with a PPC a.k.a. pay per click on Google’s search engine you can choose to display banners and ads to a selected audience, and quickly gain conversions. Google Ads is is the difference between a jog and a sprint to the finishing line, it gets you results fast.

How Does Google Ads work?

It is highly likely that you have clicked on a Google Ad at the top of a page of search results. It is also highly likely that your customers or clients have done the same. Here is a little insight into how it all works in basic terms.

Google Ads work

Relevant Traffic

One of the crucial parts of placing an ad with Google is that the Ad is being seen by your ideal customer this includes where they live, their age and their interests a.k.a. demographics.

Timing Suited to Customers.

In addition the Ad can be placed to be shown within a time frame so that it is found when your ideal customer is most likely to be online e.g 8pm to 9pm on a Thursday evening AEST.

Ad matching searches needs.

Does your Ad’s keywords match that of the searches ? Does the Ad then match what is offered on your website ? It is quite common for a searcher to click on an Ad and then be taken to a website that does not offer the product or services that customers and clients are looking for. It is also a common theme for the searcher to not be taken to the exact place on your website where the search term is located. This leads to searchers with Cranky Pants and a lack of engagement and satisfaction so they bounce straight off the site and onto another. Most of our shopping campaigns run alongside of an SEO strategy to ensure optimal results.

Geek Media ensure that all key components of the success of an Ad are met so that your client’s clicks turn into conversions !

Our Services: The Google Ads Advantage

Our Google Ads certified team has extensive experience in setting up, optimising, and monitoring Ads campaigns. We place Ads for all kinds of businesses that offer goods and/or services to their clients and customers.

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