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Social Media Specialists

Social Media Optimisation

The integration of Social media with business is nothing new though it still remains a key part of today’s digital strategies. However what is new and constantly evolving are the features and trends within social media platforms and how the correct use of these can appeal to your target audience.

Our Social Media Optimisation skills ensure your business always has its finger on the pulse and to the right crowd.

Our Social Media Approach

Understanding your community.


Who are your peeps ? We work with you to figure out who it is we are engaging with when we post on social media. We ensure that the imagery, tone and message is a perfect match for your following.

Discovering and enhancing your brand.


If your business could wear shoes would it wear sneakers ? We get down to the nitty gritty of what you look and sound like as a brand. We dive into the science of colour and create a unique style that is just the right fit.

Hook me up !


The goal of social media is to engage the community. We create and produce content that get your community talking and connecting with you and one another. We believe in supporting others in business within your social community but also your bricks and mortar community and want to hear all about Doug from down the block.

Keeping track.


Metrics such as engagement rate, audience, and fan base growth are collected and analysed to ensure we are on the right path. We constantly tweak your strategy as needed to keep your fans happy and hanging on for the ride.

We offer you an audit of your website !