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Digital Marketing Specialists


    Outstanding SEO Newcastle


    Stand out in a crowd with our SEO services!

    Geek media SEO Newcastle can construct your website into a lead generating machine gathering relevant traffic and relevant phone call and enquiry leads all from your amazing website.

    You have a fabulous website but it’s back on page 18 of Google search or worse it’s nowhere to be found.

    We all know that the majority of customers choose a business on the first 2 pages within a search. This positioning is achieved through Search engine optimisation, better known as SEO.

    Geek Media are SEO specialists and get a real buzz out of moving our client’s businesses up the search rankings.

    You’re here because you searched for SEO Newcastle or The Best Newcastle SEO agency…Correct? The other reason is that you came through by clicking on a Google ad?

    Let's talk about your project

    Don’t want to hear it from us?

    Well…Listen to The Supplement Stop

    Sean Driver chose Geek Media marketing strategy for three of his businesses, The Supplement Stop, BSA and Karinda.

    Sean explains the results, figures and loyalty shown by using our trusted team of Google search SEO specialists.

    The Supplement stop originally enquired about SEO Newcastle services and now they are challenging and have taken over some of the largest supplement companies in Australia.

    The search traffic when we started with this SEO service was 300 users a day and we are proud to say that they are currently getting over 5000 genuine users from organic search alone PER DAY!


    3 Reasons To Use Geek Media SEO Services


    1. Targeted Traffic

    We build a unique SEO strategy. With tactics such as local SEO and content marketing strategy, directing those potential clients, customers or buyers to convert on your website.


    2. Long-term Results.

    Some SEO agencies in Newcastle offer quick fixes and offer results that are not relevant to your business. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that calls for continuous monitoring, progression technical adjustments and research to improve your website even further. Geek Media is an SEO company that continues to keep up with Googles algorithm changes, adjusting our SEO strategy and techniques to continue to keep our clients ahead of their competitors. 


    3. Geek is skilled

    The legends at Geek Media Ranked our website on Page 1 of Google for our important key phrases in a couple of months.


    SEO reviews from Newcastle clients

    We Have The Tools to grow your search traffic

    Research your competitors and monitor your niche

    Link-Building SEO Strategy

    Step 1: Plan The Strategy

    Understand your business

    Present competitor research

    Present preliminary strategy

    Present keyword list & search volumes

    Step 2: Proposal

    Create a strategy & submit your proposal

    Step 3: Implement

    Finalise strategy

    Optimise backend

    Build pages, create content, add images & crawl

    Step 4: Report

    Generate report & analyse

    Contact the client to discuss report

    Adjust the strategy

    Step 5: Communicate & Optimise

    Continue communication with the client whenever required

    Focus on growing positions & rankings

    Focus on increasing traffic volumes

    SEO Tools

    How We Do It – Organic Search Report

    Analyse your competitors’ search traffic.

    See the exact keywords for which your competitors rank in organic search and the amount of traffic driven by each of them.

    Use the Top Pages report to see which pages send the most traffic to their sites. Use the Content Gap feature to uncover the keywords they rank for but you don’t.

    We have access to data of 150 million keywords Australia wide.

    Keywords Explorer

    Thousands of keyword ideas, keyword difficulty and advanced metrics.

    We have access to thousands of relevant keyword suggestions from our gigantic software database of over 3 billion keywords. We can utilise the Keyword difficulty score and our advanced keyword metrics to decide which keywords to target.

    Keywords Explorer also shows you annual search volume trends and gives you some great insights into searchers’ behaviour and SERP ranking history.

    SEO Backlink data

    The best backlink checker tool in the industry.

    The software we use can run the world’s largest index of live backlinks. With the software which has robots constantly crawling 54 billion web pages, and every 15 minutes we update our index with the fresh data they report.

    Put any website or URL into Site Explorer to see all its backlinks and some useful SEO metrics.

    Content Explorer

    Research what content works well in your niche.

    We can put any keyword into our software to see which content has performed best in terms of social buzz, number of backlinks and organic search traffic.

    Find all articles that mentioned your target keyword and use the “Highlight unlinked domains” feature to see which of these websites have never linked to you.

    We Stay On Top Of Googles SEO Algorithm Updates

    Google’s algorithms are a complex system used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly deliver the best possible results for a query. The search engine uses a combination of algorithms and numerous ranking signals to deliver webpages ranked by relevance on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

    In its early years, Google only made a handful of updates to its algorithms. Now, Google makes thousands of changes every year.


    What is the value in doing Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing doesn’t only save money by not doing traditional print media ads. It is essential in 2021 and onwards as it can be measured so you can see your ROI (return on investment)

    We implement:

    • SEO
    • Paid Ads (Google, Facebook and other relevant social mediums)
    • Email Marketing
    • UX and user experience restructure of websites
    • conversion optimisation

    How much does Digital Marketing cost in 2021?

    The cost of Digital Marketing here at Geek Media costs approximately $275 a week including
    • Search optimisation
    • Email Marketing
    • Google ads service
    SEO for Newcastle local services varies depending on what is included. Most SEO projects in 2020 cost between $750-$2,000/month based on the scope of the project.

    What is SEO?

    SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimisation, which is the process of optimising your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. In order to do this, search engines will scan, or crawl, different websites to better understand what the site is about.

    How do you do SEO for a website?

    To achieve this, we follow the AHREFS four steps of good basic SEO:
    1. Find relevant keywords with good search traffic potential.
    2. Create and optimize pages for search engines and users alike.
    3. Make sure your website is accessible to both bots and humans.
    4. Build relevant links from other high-quality websites.

    Where are you located?

    We are located in Newcastle NSW Australia, however, we have clients all across Australia. We believe in being the right fit for our SEO clients.

    Why would my business do SEO?

    You can’t pay Google to rank your page higher in organic search, so success isn’t based on the amount of money you put in. SEO is the long game and by being in the spotlight for all of your keywords means people tend to trust the organic results more than paid ad results.