Setting up Google Ads Search Campaigns for Maximum Results!

Setting up Google Ads Search Campaigns for Maximum Results!

Setting up Google Ads Search Campaigns for Maximum Results

Hey guys, in this video, I’m going to do a standard search campaign.

Now, I’m doing a search campaign because the client asked me that we have faith guitars and we need to get rid of them. They have reduced them incredibly. How about we do some ads now? I’m not a specialist in Facebook. I’m not going to lie. I think that would be a good opportunity to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, especially if the margins are so high.

However, in this case, I thought to myself, how about we do the trusty old search campaign? So what I’m doing now is I’m going to set up a search campaign for faith guitars. So as you can see here, I’ve searched on Google faith guitars.

Now you can see our brand here, music specialists online music store or over it. There are a few other brands in here, but we’re all over it. Front and centre for Google shopping. Now I’ve done a video on that. If you want to have a look at that, I’ll leave a link in the description.

Now that’s setting up a performance, max smart shopping campaign. What I want to do is I want to appear here above faith, faith, guitars, Australia, and Facebook here. Now I want to put an ad there just so then people that are searching for it are a little bit old school they might want to go through and have a look at a more holistic approach to guitars. Might not be one in particular. Might not be this one here that we can see. Now, I don’t like this blood moon one. Or how about this one Neptune. Now I don’t like that one. I’m going to click on this link and it’s going to take me straight through.

So I’ll stop jibber-jabbering, and we’ll get into it right now. So we’ll come over to our dashboard in Google ads and I’m logged into the account. And then the first thing we want to do is you want to hit campaigns. And these are all expired campaigns that are tried and tested. Now create a campaign and a new campaign. Now the objective for this campaign will be sales. If you want to get leads, you put them in here. However, sales, when you’re doing e-commerce is the best thing to do. Okay. Now we come down to here. What type of conversions would you like to do? I’ll just make my little bubble a little bit smaller.

What conversions would you like to do? Um, there are purchasers. I want to add a goal because I’ve imported some goals from Google Analytics, which is added to the basket or begin checkout. These are important because, in my opinion, they are a conversion still. Uh, we can start to do marketing to them with their emails and things like that. We can do remarketing. We can send follow-up emails. If they’ve added it to the cart.

This is really important because our add to cart, percentage conversion percentage is quite high. It’s over 50%. So if we are going to, um, not say that that’s a conversion or that’s not a success, bringing a new customer through from nowhere, then I’ll be crazy.

So that is a hundred per cent conversion adding and beginning checkout, even further, adding your credit card details, then pulling out at the last second. Uh, but purchases is the ultimate goal. So let’s go through and we will continue.

Now, this is a search campaign. It’s nothing else. And then we want website visits. Now your business website, what I like to do is if you are promoting faith guitars, that’s under a brand category on the website.

So I would suggest using that link in particular, if you use your homepage URL, uh, I don’t think it works as well. It’s a little bit more specific. This is a specific, uh, campaign. We don’t want them to come on and buy a flute. We want them to come on and buy a faith guitar. So with that being said, here is the faith guitars, Australia page. We click on this URL and I copy it. Come back to the campaign here where I’m setting it up and haste it.

So as you can see, faith guitars brand is in there. Now we don’t want phone calls or app in stores, and we want to call it the Say search, basically Tod search bang, continue and is saying, oh, I have a draft one. So this is starting a new one.

Okay. So budget, Google always wants you to spend $15. This product in particular or this search term in particular has only 170 searches in Australia. So that’s quite low, especially with e-commerce, it’s quite a low amount. So I don’t think it would spend more than $10 a day. So that’s $300 a month. See, oh, there we go. It wants me to spend $15, no chance Google, not this time. Um, and that comes down to how broad your keywords are as well.

So this campaign is going to be targeted at faith guitars specifically. I don’t want a target cost per acquisition. Um, sometimes Google wants you to put in a cost per acquisition. I feel that it, it doesn’t push out enough data. I do want this to be pushed out and I’m going to refine it later on in the keyword. So what you’re going to see here is conversions value clicks, you know, by conversions is what we want. And Google is actually smart enough, with more options.

Do you want it to rotate? Yes. I’d rather to, um, show best-performing ads. So obviously you’ve got to create a few ads in this. I always click these off because I don’t find any value in them. Um, if I wanted to set up a separate account or a separate campaign and test this, I will, however, I believe Google is where most shoppers are coming through from all the experience that I’ve got in this field. So let’s go further along and then we want it to be in Australia.

Now, one thing that’s important is you click these location options. And the first one it’s, it’s saying that this is recommended, but click this second one here, people in regularly, regular Larry in your target location. So this means that they are, if you’re in Australia, the people are always in Australia and they might fly to the U S or they might fly to Asia. They might fly somewhere. Um, but generally they are in Australia. Let’s just say 70% of the time they’re in Australia.

So these are the people that you want to sell to. This one here is, is, is quite broad. And in some campaigns, when I’ve just flicked it over to this one, here, it has improved it dramatically. So you can leave this one, but presence, just make sure it’s that second one that is regularly.

I can’t even speak today, uh, in your location. Okay. So the language is English. Again, more settings.

Now you can set up, uh, as schedules and things like that. I would highly recommend that. But the first thing you need to do is you set up ad rotation and you also set up, um, your schedule because some people might purchase in their lunch breaks. And you’ll notice that that’s where all of your sales are coming from. I know from history on this website in particular, that people at purchasing in their, in their lunch breaks and it’s generally lunch breaks, or even after dinner. So after 8:00 PM, you start seeing the sales come in and every single business is different. So it’s something that you need to get data from first, and I’ll show you how to do that in the next steps.

So click next. Now look, look at all those keywords. Now I’m going to get rid of a lot of these, sorry to just control and get rid of those ones. I’m going to get rude or That he’s one. And this is the funniest thing is that it’s just promoting guitars and I don’t want to do that. So we’ve got faith guitars.

Okay. You got faith, guitar, acoustic guitar. Okay, cool. So what I like to do is I like to control C so copy this and paste it and paste it and paste it. And then you can see here, the reason why, so I will leave this broad because there might be some search terms that I might miss out on faith guitars. If people are writing anything to do with faith guitars, I want them to come through to our site. So I’ll leave that as a broad match.

I don’t need to do anything, but I always also like to just, um, oh my goodness, close this to be a specific search term. Okay. And then the other one is you put it like this. Now, this sounds silly. And there’s a, probably a lot of marketers out there that are saying, but you do it.

You’re doubling it up. You’re just, what I’m really trying to do is if someone does just type in fake guitars, this one will be cheaper. If someone types in faith guitar are my favourite guitar and they’re writing about something. This will come up and then I’ll negative that keyword later because I don’t want people to come through just talking about their favourite guitars. And then this one will obviously come through because it is a, let’s just go.

Yep. Exact match. Oh my goodness. Can’t even hit it. Okay. So faith, acoustic guitar, and that’s an exact match that will be like guitars, plural as well. We’ll still come up on an exact match. Google is smart enough to figure that out. But as you can see here, you’ve got some keywords in there and it should pick up on other searches like is faith guitars, a good guitar? This would be the broad match. And sometimes it would come into this one. So I just like to leave that the way it is to start with, there could be a type of guitar as well, that I’m just not aware of. Um, because there are a lot of guitars have a look at this. There’s a blood moon, Venus.

So all of these are search terms that people will be searching for, but they will all be picked up in this campaign. So as we see here, it’s done, they Qatar’s, um, I could type in faith guitars here, but I don’t want to just be very specific on your ads and create more campaigns. Don’t just do a broad campaign for your shop. Make sure it’s specific. Now, as you come over here, that is the final URL, which is great, that it’s picked that up. Okay.

And then what I do here, just to make it look a little bit better is I type in a, will that fit if guitars and then here, why not with guitars Australia? Um, now that’s basically just going to be display path that will show the URL at the end of the advertisement. So people got that’s exactly where I want to go. Not everyone. Some people will just read the titles, but the, I guess the more tech-savvy people will be looking at the, as to where that will be landing. So I’ve got to get rid of Afterpay because we actually stopped using after pay because their fees were crazy expensive. So look, what I like to do is talk in faith guitars and then have to pay so Australia does pay shop now.

So what I’ll do is, um, Massive clearance Garrett or shop now, and then music specialists are the brand. I’ll keep that super tight and then I’ll do shop now. Um, and then let’s just do a copy of this just to make the video faster faith guitars. Um, what was the other one? Was it acoustic guitars Australia? I think it was faith, acoustic faith, acoustic guitars, Garrett at that. Okay. Now we’ve got a couple of headlines here. Now it’s showing that this is the location.

Not really happy with these suggestions at all, have a look at some ideas. It shows here. Yeah, that’s pretty good. So I clicked that on, um, I’ll get rid of the shop now and then let’s have a look at what they’ve come up in now. That’s fantastic. Obviously, that’s a popular guitar.

Um, and I don’t like this one. So let’s just say that’s a group on Australia’s favourite music store, an online music store. Just create a little bit of urgency with an exclamation mark. Just fix up. Australia’s okay. So we’ve got a few I’m just going to do, if you were to, uh, I, if it’s hard that music specialists music shop doesn’t need to say the location, Uh, the music specialist. Huge.

So now That we’ve reiterated that we have, um, a Cylon, we do not have Afterpay zippay and then we do have pay power, which people love, um, always put in your, and then the other thing is probably like free shipping and things like that, which is quite enticing. So I think ours is free shipping for over a hundred dollars, but it depends. We’ve been in trouble because when you’re sending such large items, rurally in Australia, so like into Alice Springs or something like that, we have to pay for that. So we can’t advertise free shipping if they come through from an ad and then they have to pay for the shipping, which is just not fair.

So we try and be as transparent as possible. And right here, we just thought, we’ll leave it out. Our ads are performing well without them. So as we can see here, everything’s done. I click done, or I click next. So if I click done, it’ll probably just show. Yeah, it does. Just shows you a little bit of a rundown and click next. I generally press next because I know that’s good. Now look, you can put in site link extensions if you want. Uh, some people might come back. Some people might just say, oh, I want guitars in this instance. I will put it in there. But, um, I don’t mind that. It’s just going to be small. Google wants you to put as much data as you can because people tend to like to talk in fake guitars and say, no, I want to look at all the tars. Oh, I like drums and they get sidetracked. So actually I’m going to get rid of them for this campaign in particular, just because I want it to be about faith guitars only you got call-out extensions and things like that, which is basically yeah. Every single thing that, um, we probably don’t need. And it’s going to tell me that it’s not a great campaign. I don’t need an image extension. I probably can.

Let’s have a look. So image, extension. What I like to do is I’ve got a plug-in here and it’s called image download or for Chrome. And it’s fantastic. So this is obviously a faith guitar. And so is this one, right? So two different colours. These are the most popular because I’ve sorted the website via popularity by popularity. Now let’s just click the images and you can see like by scanning the website to see if this works, I’ll see if I’m all right. Um, I’ll scan this page in particular, just if it picks up any data, sometimes it does a really good job and sometimes it’s terrible. So weave that in, have a quick scan and we just wait for that to happen. Oh, awesome. So we can add these fake guitars now tells you to put them into the ratio. Now it doesn’t allow the six, uh, this ratio here, one to 91 to one.

Um, but it allows the square ratio. So I’ll click that on same thing. Uh, let’s go blue on that’s pretty cool. And black one dark brown chocolate. And that’s another color. So just a of variations because people know what they want. They know what they’re looking for. I think that’s a cutaway. It’s a bit bigger starting to understand a lot more about guitars. And then as you can see, it’s, it’s going to add those. You can add these other images that it’s picked up, but I’m not going to, so there we go. We’ve got some image extensions, this new feature for Google as well.

So there we go. We’ve got some, you can add more extensions if you want, but let’s just go bang and do next. Okay. Now, this is a bit of a review. Yes, yes, yes. $10 a day. Maximize conversions. It’s on the Google search network, only Australia country with that location. Um, presence, very important languages. English. Yep. Everything’s good for keywords only.

Are you crazy? Only for keywords, but uh, in those four keywords, probably about 300 searches a month. I do not care if people are searching for fake guitars specifically more than likely they’ll convert. Um, I’d rather that than do a shotgun approach and try and get all the guitars people into this brand. That’s another strategy. So if you have your own company and you’re selling a specific guitar and people search for it and you want to be found, that’s another story, but in this case, we’re trying to get people through just for this product. Now we’ve got image extension, let’s publish the campaign and there is, and what I’ll do here. So I’ll go back to, um, campaigns or campaigns. Now I’ve got paused one time because I was just, I just clicked campaigns. So there it is the $10 a day. And it’s learning at the moment. So probably in an hour or two, I’ll start to see some impressions come through. But like I said, I don’t expect this to be a, um, a lot of traffic coming through to the website.

I believe that this one, in particular, is a slow burn, but because the guitars are half price, I think they’re like half price. Then we’re going to push that one there, um, at a good, it should be a good cost per click, um, ratio. So today, and then I’ve got enabled pause. Did I just need to say enabled and not show the other campaigns as well? Cool. So 1, 2, and 3 campaigns are running right here.

It’s telling me a limited budget. I don’t believe you. I like to squeeze the budget out as much as possible. And, um, that’s how you set up a campaign for search on Google. Hope you enjoyed it. If you do thumbs up subscribe and, um, yeah. Feel free to watch the setup of these two campaigns. These two campaigns are highly effective, um, and they’re converting and, uh, the ROI is over 800%. So feel free to watch that video. I’ll leave it in this section up next. And, uh, hope you watch that video and get some value out of it.

Ryan Griffiths
Author: Ryan Griffiths

Ryan is an Australian Digital Marketing Specialist and the director of Geek Media. With a main focus on SEO and Paid Ads such as Google PPC and Facebook/Meta Ads. He has grown multiple e-commerce brands into 6 figure companies.

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