SEO Specialist explains 3 ways on How To Speed Up Your Website with Image Compression

SEO Specialist explains 3 ways on How To Speed Up Your Website with Image Compression

SEO Specialist explains 3 ways on How To Speed Up Your Website with Image Compression

[Transcript] Hey guys, in this video, I’m going to discuss how to compress your images. So then Google loves you even more because what’s happening is people are coming to me and they’re giving me images for their website, which are about 10 megabytes and huge, their way to be.

It will slow down the website dramatically. Not to mention it will slow down the hosting speed or fill up your hosting. If you’re an SEO specialist and you do hosting for your clients. So in this video, I’ll just show you quickly how I compress these images. So it just doesn’t take you a million years and you don’t need to go through Photoshop or anything like that. So the first thing let’s just pop up our folder and now the client has sent me these images.

I’ll go to my downloads folder and I’ve downloaded them. So if I click on one of them, as you can see here down the bottom, it tells me that it’s 2.13 megabytes. Now that’s huge in terms of putting an image online, it’ll slow down the speed of the site dramatically. So what I like to do is I will grab this and I come over to a site which is called tiny It’s awesome. It’s free. And you just grab this, I’ll just move my head down to the bottom here because you don’t want to say that now I get this backup.

Okay. Now just drag the image into this section here and drop it. I just can see it. 2.3 megabytes.

The parent is happy and now it’s 264.3 kilobytes. All we need to do now is just click download and it is done. So if I hit download, bang goes down here. There’s the new image. And then I can upload that to my web WordPress site or Shopify site, whatever it may be now, a way to make it even better is to already do the conversion within your Canva. So if you have a Canberra account, you just need to add your image into here. So what I’ll do is I’ll add the original one. So I go back to my files that look different.

I’ll go back to this for that yet. So it was this image. Let’s just drop it into CAMBA and then you hook it to the sides. And then you can see the measurements down there. It’s 10 80 by 7, 6, 4. I hit resize 10 80 by hot. It’s the other way around. So 7, 6, 4, 7, 6, 4, and tab. So you copy and resize or resize.

I’m just going to resize and you can see now that I’ve done it the wrong way I’ve done it. I had, I have done it the wrong way. So I’m not sure if you can control the Z. No, you can’t. So let’s just go back and create, actually I’ll close this tab. I’ll come back to my canvas. Just choose Instagram posts because it’s 10 80 by 10 80. Okay. Click that. Come to your folder. Drop that into here and do it the right way. This time, drag that to the side and then drag this to the other side. And now you can see the measurements 10 80 by 7, 6, 4.

Let’s do exactly that. Just hit resize once you’re done. So 10 80 by a 7, 6, 4. Okay. And then just resize. Now you see that it’s just gotten a bit bigger. Now what will happen is you can actually just drag that to the corners and all snugly bit-bang locked on. So there’s the image, right? So what you need to do now is just need to share it and download it. And you just download it as a JPEG because the quality is just compressors. That won’t get me in on that one. But, uh, as you can see here, quality’s 80. You can do a hundred.

So what I’ll do is I’ll do a hundred for here and I’ll download it. So don’t forget, this is the original 2.3-megabyte image. And as you can see here, we’ll open this in the folder. There it is there it’s already 86.6 kilobytes. So that’s one way of compressing your image. And then if you want it to compress that even more, you can now come over to tiny PNG and it’s already got one sitting there, which I’ve just completed. I’ll go to this download. That’s not the one let’s just refresh this download section. And there it is there, right?

So if I drag this and I pop it into there, 88.7, it’s done 10 more. So if you want to be really specific and really compress it, there you go. Now that’s been done. You come over to your site now and I need to add it to this portfolio of images. It seems like this image is already on the site, but what I’ll do is you come over to upload and then you just need to drag that one in. So there it is there beautiful thumbnails. Yup. Okay, cool. Update the gallery. And there it is that now another thing which I haven’t installed on this site.

Yeah, because I’m not running. The SEO is to install a plugin called smush. smush is amazing to use. So let’s just do that now. So plugins, add new, come over to here and talk in smash bang anther <inaudible>. There we go. Smash it’s changed. It’s changed as an image by, as you can see by the reviews, it’s fantastic. Free, free plugin. And I actually use a different plugin, which hosts all of my images offsite, but because I’m an SEO, I have multiple clients and I manage those clients and they all go through this system where it hosts it off the site, which is fantastic. Gets my sites down to under a second, which is ridiculously fast. Now let’s go activate. Okay. Now that that’s been activated, you can probably see it here.

There it is there. So you click on smart and let’s see what happens. I’ll just get my head out of the way. Begin, set up. Okay. Let’s go. You can automatically compress the new sites. Yes. Uh, images. Yup. Sounds good. Yep. That’s good. Yes, definitely. Yep. You can use that. Like that’s for them if they want that. So as you can see, it’s checking the images and it will start to some mush them for me. Now it wants you to bulk smash. Now I’m not going to do that now. Uh, because I think it takes a little bit of time, but 6 91 images, would be fine for the free version.

Some sites are gigantic. Won’t be, I’m just going to do this. Actually. I’m just going to bulk smash. And as you can see, zero out of 69, 6, 9 1 is smushing. Actually, I actually don’t want to do this right now, but what will happen is it will give you a result and it will tell you, yeah, it’ll take a while. So I’m just going to cancel this one.

It will take a while, but it will smush them all. It’s already saying that eight, eight images have been smushed and the savings is already 13 kilobytes in that few seconds. So it’ll definitely save you some megabytes and it’ll definitely speed up your pages on the site. So smash is a fantastic free tool to use. As I said, I use a different one, which I pay for, which is better than smart. However, if you’re looking for the free option smashes. Fantastic. So hopefully you enjoyed this video on how to compress your images to make your site faster. Um, if you do like it, thumbs up, subscribe and listen to my other videos on all things marketing. Cheers.

Ryan Griffiths
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Ryan is an Australian Digital Marketing Specialist and the director of Geek Media. With a main focus on SEO and Paid Ads such as Google PPC and Facebook/Meta Ads. He has grown multiple e-commerce brands into 6 figure companies.

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