Website Hierarchy Tactics for SEO in 2021

Website Hierarchy Tactics for SEO in 2021

Why is website Hierarchy so important?

Mmm…Website Hierarchy Tactics can be found in various articles and website authority blogs available, I’m quite surprised that none of the major influences in the digital marketing fields is talking about Website hierarchy Tactics.

With that said, I have decided to write my own 2 bobs worth about how SEO website hierarchy and why it is so important to plan out and structure the hierarchy of your website.

Structuring your website is vital for both its user experience and searchability (not a word). Many websites and web designers throw the structure out the door which for the user’s experience and google penalties such as bounce rate (People leaving your site within a few seconds) is very damaging. Having a definitive site hierarchy increases Googles Understanding of your website. Let’s take a deep dive into how we structure a website.

But First…What is Website Hierarchy?

Tactical Importance for usability

The user experience is a major factor regarding the SEO score that google will implement when crawling your website. In a recent update, Google has stated that

Website hierarchy Tactics help the user navigate your site. A good site structure will help with this.


Travelling should be easy for the user. How about trying to classify and link your posts and products so they are easy to find. Green users will now have the ability to consume what content they are producing.

Importance for Crawlability

Crawlability refers to how easy it is for a search engine to process (“crawl”) the information on a website.

Search engines like these Website hierarchy Tactics and features because make the site navigable. Consequently, the search engine has an easier time indexing the website.


How to set up the Hierarchy of your Website

So, how do you construct a solid site structure? First, we’ll look at an ideal site structure; then we’ll explain how to achieve this for your own site.

Plant your Hierarchy for SEO purposes

In a recent interview with Google’s John Mueller answered a question about flat site structure which is a website where all of the pages are one click away from the home page.

Mueller said:

“In general be careful to avoid setting up a situation where normal website navigation doesn’t work. So we should be able to crawl from one URL to any other URL on your website just by following the links on the page.”

John Mueller

Let’s start by looking at an ideal situation: if you’re starting from scratch, how should you organize your site? We think a well-organized website looks like a pyramid with a number of levels:

1. Homepage

2. Categories (or sections)

3. Subcategories (only for larger sites)

4. Individual pages and posts


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